Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday's Minute| Regina's Crafting Motto

Welcome to Monday's Minute: Regina's Crafting Motto

Hello Friends. This little motto is how I am currently managing by crafting world!

Have a great week crafting!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Apron Making| Motor Speedway Apron

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Hello friends!  Today, I share with you my handmade Motor Speedway Apron!

Did you know that I am a NASCAR Fan?  I simply love the sport.  I'm a fan of Jimmie Johnson, seven-times champion at NASCAR's highest level, driver of #48 Lowe's.  I've cheered the drivers from the stands of the Kentucky Speedway and the Bristol Motor Speedway.  Well heck, I've even participated in a drive-along on the Kentucky Speedway because I'm just that kind of girl! (Hahaaaa)

What I Did:  I drafted the apron pattern from the book, "The Perfect Apron" by Rob Merritt.  I simply adore this waist apron with its victory lane patchwork to which I added green bias trimming to signal a beautiful start, like the green flag waving a the speedway.  I underlined my apron in black and white check, symbolic of the winner's flag!

What I Used:
1. Novelty Cotton Fabric - Victory Lane Patchwork from Joann Fabric.
2. Keepsake Calico - Cotton Fabric - Large Check, Black and White from Joann Fabric.
3. Green Bias Tape.

I wonder if Danica Patrick, the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing, driver of #10  Aspen Dental, would like this apron?!?  Happy crafting everyone!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Regina's Life| A Fabulous Week

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Hi Friends!  Have you ever had a week that was just fabulous?  Well, it was one of those weeks for me. Just Look!:

1. Went to Studio BBC in Nashville, Tennessee and got a great new haircut.  I'm loving my new bangs.  Fatima Hunter-Brown is my stylist and she does fabulous work!

2. Went to the Metro Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee  to see Sting in his 57th & 9th Tour.  It was an awesome concert!

3. Spent quality time in my sewing studio.  I'm experiencing so much happiness since changing my crafting focus!

4.  Experiencing much excitement with the progress of my Windmill Quilt.  It's a log cabin quilt and this is my layout.  I have four more blocks to complete!

Wishing everyone a great weekend. Happy Crafting!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Crafting| My Crafting World

For several months I've been contemplating the direction of my crafting. I've found myself starting many projects but not finishing them, bringing myself to near tears over the techniques of a project, staring at unused fabrics, yarns, patterns in my stash collection and feeling guilty that those items had not been touched since I purchased them.  I begin to wonder if my choice of projects were a reflection of what I truly loved to do or if they were a result of seeing a project on social media and thinking I should be doing that project because “everybody else is.”  I found that I could simply not follow that path anymore.

I've asked myself, “What do I truly want from my crafting experience?” and “What really makes me happy spending time and resources doing?”  I looked around my house and noticed the pretty Heart Pinwheel Quilt on the bed in my master bedroom, cross-stitch projects hanging on a cork-board in my sewing studio, a handmade crochet scarf hanging from a hook in the hallway, a Valentine Apron draped on my dress-form, and my handmade Charm Square Handbag resting on the sofa.  I've found that I love making and designing aprons, working with needle arts such as cross-stitch, embroidery and crochet, constructing handbags and making simple, beautiful quilts.  I now find much happiness in bringing my crafting skills to smaller projects making them simply beautiful!

In that same search around the house I found an unfinished shirt project hanging in my sewing room closet, apparel fabric that has been stashed for in a cardboard for a couture techniques dresses and a French Jacket project.  To my surprise I've honestly found I do not want to work on complicated, time projects.  My past goal of making a French jacket with couture techniques or spending hours mastering fit no longer bring me crafting joy.  When I looked in my wardrobe closet I found that the “me-made items” I have loved and keep over the years were “simple-to-make” and “easy to wear!” In the future, when I do sew apparel, it will be knit maxi skirts with elastic waistbands, simply-designed dresses and easy-to-make pullover tops.  I want to make sure I'll end up with something “I really love and really find joy in making!”

I've also questioned the way I am consuming.  Why do I keep buying more patterns, fabric, yarn and not using what I already have in my stash collection?  I've taken the time to slowly and honestly weed through my stash and found there were many purchases made because “I saw it on social media and thought I should be doing it or have it too!”  Therefore I took a deep breathe, gathered some boxes and packed away yarns brought for crochet planned color pooling, fabrics and notions purchased for couture/tailoring projects, etc., etc. and donated it all to Goodwill.  Yeah I did!  I am now happily left with a stash that truly reflects my crafting goals; quilting cottons, embroidery flosses, knit fabrics, finger weight and DK weight yarns and colorful skeins cotton yarn.  It pleases my heart to look at my collection of mini cross-stitch kits that were purchased at under $3.00 each and the happiness I will have making them.  I've made a vow to stop overwhelming myself with more purchases of crafting items and to focus on using what I currently have.

I am sharing this story of “My Crafting World” with you because my “new crafting outlook” will be reflected in my Blog.  I hope you will continue to follow me, enjoy reading my posts and share a comment to me every once and a while.  Wishing everyone much happiness.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sewing| Regina's Updated Wardrobe Pattern Collection

Hello Friends, Lately I have been updating my wardrobe pattern collection.  I have challenged myself by asking five questions of each pattern:

1. Does this pattern currently fit into my lifestyle?
2. Should a 55 year-old really be wearing this style? (Yes Jocasta, your mother considered this. Ha Ha!)
3. Can I complete a project from the pattern within a weekend?
4. Can I locally purchase the fabrics and notions for this pattern?
5. Will making this pattern drive me to tears or give me joy making it?

These are the patterns in my updated collection:

I look forward to sharing with you the projects I make from this updated collection!  Are any of these patterns in your collection?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Needlecraft| Royal Icing Double Crochet Scarf

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Hi friends!  Here's my handmade Royal Icing Double Crochet Scarf!  This scarf is made with a skein of fabulous Caron Cakes Yarn.

What I Used

What I Did
One skein of Caron Cakes features 5 bright colors.  My skein of Royal Icing featured the colors: royal blue, chocolate brown, bone, tan and gold.  I worked the body of my scarf in double stitch crochet with color blocks of 16 rows each in the following sequence: tan, bone, chocolate brown, gold, bone and tan. I used the royal blue from the skein as fringe for my scarf!

Wishing everyone a joyous and "crafty" Feburary!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Needlecraft| Counted Cross Stitch Shoe Envy

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Hello friends!  Just look at my cute little cross stitched red high heel shoe.
I'm certain this little project will cause "Shoe Envy!"

What I Used:
Bucilla Counted Cross Stitch Kit, Shoe Envy.  The kit contains, 3in x 3in frame, 14ct 100% cotton white Aida cloth, red and black cotton floss, needle and graph chart.  The finished size of my project is 2.5in x 2.5in.

Happy Crafting Everyone!