Friday, October 28, 2016

Fabulous Apron Making Friday| Pretty Skulls Apron

Hello everyone!  Here is my handmade "Pretty Skulls Apron."  I am so excited about this apron!  I love it is creepy with the spooky folklore skulls but also very sweet and dainty with the floral prints and damask.  

What I Used:
 Butterick 5474
What I Did:
  • Trimmed the pattern.  Cut out the apron, bodice, ruffles, pockets, waistband, straps and ties.
  • Constructed ruffles, ties, and strap.
  • Constructed pockets, applied ruffles to pockets and stitched pockets to right side of apron.
  • Attached ruffle to apron edges.
  • Gathered apron at waist and attached waistband.  Attached ties to ends of waistband.
  • Constructed bodice, attached ruffles and straps.
  • Attached bodice to waistband.  Applied lining to waistband and top-stitched on right side of waistband.
Have a fun weekend!  Leave me a comment below.


  1. It is kind of spooky too - I haven't yet ever been brave enough to try this rather macabre sort of pattern, although in such bright colours it's not quite so macabre! Your apron looks lovely, and for an apron, I think that is the main thing!


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