Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Needlecraft Wednesday| Crochet Planned Argyle Color Pooling

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Hello friends!  When I started seeing crochet projects using planned argyle color pooling I just had "TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!"

Red Heart Yarn, Super Saver,  in Bright Mix
Using Method Two From The Crochet Crowd
There are several posts on the Internet with lots of expert advice on color pooling.  The three most helpful to me were:
  1. Planned Pooling with Variegated Yarn by The Crochet Crowd.
  2. Planned Pooling with Crochet Made Easy by Glamour-4-You.
  3. Planned Color Pooling Crochet by The Purple Poncho. 
What Is Color Pooling?  It is a crochet technique that uses variegated yarn and the Moss Stitch to "pool" colors together to get a tartan or harlequin effect.

What To Look for In A Ball of Yarn!  Variegated yarns have sequences of colors that lay in lengths of stripes.  The individual stripes of colors in the ball of yarn should be about 6 inches to 12 inches in length.  If any of the strips within the sequence are smaller than 6 inches in length this method will not work!  The Glamour-4-You Blog post features a wonderful list of yarns that work with this method.

Caron Yarn, Jumbo Roll, in Rosewood
 Using Method One From The Purple Poncho
I followed directions from two different methods to achieve this concept:

Method One:  Begin by chaining a specific number of chains to work the color pooling. Using the Moss Stitch, watch your crocheting tension and possibly adjust your crochet hook size.  This method was featured by The Purple Poncho.  It took me two and a half days to establish pooling with this method.  I had a very hard time finding the correct hook size and adjust my crocheting tension.

Method Two:  Begin by chaining through one length of entire color sequence of your yarn.  Then crochet your first row in the Moss Stitch through one one length entire color sequence.  Drop one stitch and chain at the end of that sequence before beginning row 2 to establish color pooling.  This method was featured by The Crochet Crowd and Glamour-4-You.  I could see that my colors were pooling by row three!!!!

Have you tried Color Pooling?  I would love to heard your story!  Share it in the Comment Box below.  Happy Crafting!


  1. The yarn looks so pretty! I never try colour pooling and will love to try one day :)


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