Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sewful Sewing Sunday| The Joy of Sewing

Hello everyone!  This month I have been participating in the Bimble & Pimble Sewvember 2016 Challenge.  The Sewvember project involves posting pictures regarding various sewing themes on Instagram.  Upon reviewing the themes and pictures a warm feeling came into my heart.  I began to think about how "Thankful I Am for the Joy of Sewing.

Sewing has become a very personal way to express my creativity!
  • Studying sewing techniques and viewing sewing tutorials.
  • Selecting fabrics and patterns.
  • Researching blog post themes, photographing projects and writing blog post.
These are primary activities in my life.  Watching it all come together is like a little dream come true for me!

Again, I am thankful for the joy of sewing and to have you as a reader of my blog!

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