Friday, February 3, 2017

Quilting| Flashback Friday, Pinwheel Heart Quilt

Hello friends, it's Flashback Friday. I want to share with you my 2015 Pinwheel Heart Quilt.

I learn to make my Pinwheel Heart Quilt from the blog, First Light Designs, by following the post: The Twister Heart Tutorial (I Love Paris).

Dawn White of First Light Designs, gives excellent instructions on how to make an interlocking pinwheel heart quilt using a 6 1/2" square acrylic ruler with blocks that finish at 6".

Dawn also includes instructions on how to add a row of pinwheels at the bottom of the quilt using the smaller of the two Lil' Twister Tools made by CS Designs.  Those blocks finish at 3".

A black and white diamond print backing was applied to my quilt which I had machine quilted. I hand stitched red and black binding to the edges!

Happy crafting everyone and truly enjoy the month of February.

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