Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sewing] Sewing Pattern Line Art

Hi friends, for the last few weeks I have been spending time building a new sewing pattern collection! My goal for this collection is to focus on a wearable wardrobe that fits my current lifestyle, true body frame and reflects my sewing skills.  In the past when I shopped for sewing patterns I focused on the colorful front picture of the envelope featuring the garment made up in a beautiful fabric often wore by a equally gorgeous fashion model!  This time around I have used the sewing pattern line art as my guide for choosing patterns.

I have found that the line art gives me a true silhouette of the featured garment helping me to better determine if the garment will attractively fit my body frame.

I also found that line art highlight all types of the seam lines, darts, sleeves, pockets, plackets, slits, closures of the garment allowing me to determine if I have the sewing skills to complete the garment.

Now with each sewing pattern purchase I take time to read the pattern envelope and guideline sheets.  I make notes on the front envelope cover to help me remember useful tips for future construction of the garment and to aid me in purchasing the "right" fabric for the project.

It has really helped that Hobby Lobby had a 99 cent sale on Simplicity patterns and Joann's had a 99 cent sale on McCall's patterns this week.  I brought this wardrobe essential at Walmart for affordable price!

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  1. I must admit that I am still quite often swayed by the pretty pictures on the front of pattern envelope. However; like you, I've learned the the line drawings are the best indicator as to whether or not I'll end up actually making the pattern. You chose some nice ones.


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